Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Katie Schmidt, MPH, INHC

Hello! Welcome to Whole Nourishment. My name is Katie. I’m a lover of mangoes and books, a morning person, single-tasker, seeker of movement, and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. My work and life mingle as one, and I like it that way. My life passion is to live well. And the what and how of living well is what I’m most passionate about guiding others to discover for themselves.  

What is Whole Nourishment?

Anchored by evidence-based research and personal values of flexibility, variety, pleasure, and discernment, Whole Nourishment is a mindset and collection of small daily habits I’ve established over time that help me (and my clients) live well. On a personal level, I setup Whole Nourishment with a desire to find a gentler, happier, and more complete way of taking care of myself. As a former competitive runner who benefited from an active childhood fueled by three square homemade meals each day, my inspiration and passion has long been around food, mindset, energy, and the mind-body connection. But it wasn’t until I faced a significant struggle with body image and hyper-awareness of nutrition and “healthy” eating in college that I learned how to develop genuine trust, freedom and ease in my relationship to food and body.  

The Evolution of this Site

My career path to addressing the question of how to live well has run in parallel to my personal health journey. It’s been a hybrid of training in Public Health and Integrative Nutrition. After my partner and I moved to Switzerland, I launched Whole Nourishment as a food blog in 2013 to share my passion for good food and snippets of expat life. While the site continues to feature plant-forward recipes, it's evolved into a resource for my health coaching practice, offering a broader, more complete perspective on how all areas of our life impact health and living well.

The Path to True Health

Food is a big part of the health equation, but it’s not all of it. Society leads us to believe the only way we can “fix” our low energy, cravings, unhappy body image, lack of willpower and discipline, and stubborn extra weight is by controlling, counting, weighing, depriving, shaming and pushing.

However, the path to true health, as I’ve discovered through formal training and personal experience, is to reconnect with ourselves, adjust our mindset, and learn how to work from the inside out. In the past five years, I’ve coached clients across three countries and 12 cultures, and I know for a fact this is the way forward if you want to feel good in and about your body and enjoy the pleasures of life, but not be preoccupied by them.

My Promise to You

My mission is to bring you back to that place of connection, so you can once again find joy, ease, and nourishment in the way you cook, eat, and think about food and body. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. My clients say this work is life-changing. Their new outlook on health, food, and their body has sourced a deeper sense of energy, inner peace, body respect, and self-trust, allowing them to maintain long term the good habits we established in the kitchen and beyond.

The coach-client collaboration is a clear personal and time commitment, so my clients and I spend time up front discussing FAQs and goals to ensure the partnership is a good fit. What follows are some common FAQs.

What’s my background, training?

I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach guiding women to find everyday solutions in the way they cook, eat, and think about food and body to boost physical and emotional wellbeing. I draw knowledge from training in integrative nutrition, epidemiology, health education, the mind-body connection, and habit formation to help clients integrate sustainable habits into everyday life and achieve a healthy, intuitive, satisfying relationship to food and body. (You'll find a full list of my credentials at the bottom of this page.)

Do I exclusively work with women?

No, I also have male clients. Prevalence of women seeking to improve their relationship to food and body through ongoing collaboration with a coach, is simply higher.

What makes my coaching perspective unique?

As a formerly trained Epidemiologist, I spent 8 years in the field of Public Health. I conducted research on family planning health in rural Guatemala and worked in US-based health care systems evaluating preventative health and disease management initiatives across various populations. The public health training, research, and work experience highlighted for me the holistic web of personal, social, and environmental factors that influence health behavior.

Always a believer in the healing nature of personal connection, I saw an opportunity to apply this unique public health perspective to one-on-one conversations through private counseling. I offer personalized guidance in establishing meaningful habits unique to an individual’s needs and lifestyle. During consultations and through homework assignments, I draw attention to how areas of our life outside of the kitchen, especially mindset, mental health, and slowing down, affect overall health.

How has a global and mobile lifestyle for the past 12 years, living in 8 cities and 5 countries, helped me better listen, support, and guide my clients?

In June 2018, I moved back to the U.S., after four years in Switzerland and two years in Spain. My clients in these countries were also multinationals, either expats from outside these countries or Swiss and Spanish citizens who previously lived in other places.

On a personal and professional level, I intimately understand the challenge of maintaining a balanced approach to food and body in stressful transitions, unfamiliar environments, and while dealing with unplanned life events.

The 12+ years of training, research, living an expat lifestyle, and coaching clients around the world have taught me what truly matters when it comes to physical and mental wellbeing, regardless of where you live or what grocery stores you have access to. I help you discover essentials such as adopting a non-diet mindset, learning intuitive eating skills, mindful eating strategies and body respect, prioritizing mini habits, discovering the right foods for your body and lifestyle (and how to cook them!), and most importantly, how to incorporate these essentials into YOUR everyday.


Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach: Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York (2014)
MPH: Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology, Emory University: Rollins School of Public Health (2008)
BA: Bachelors of Arts in Health Education and Spanish, University of Texas at Austin (2006)