Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching in Marin County

What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching is a process that facilitates formation of healthy, sustainable habits, in and out of the kitchen, tailored to your needs and lifestyle. A health coach is a nutrition and wellness advisor and accountability partner who works closely with you in taking small, consistent steps to integrate these habits into your daily life.

Who is Health Coaching for?

Health coaching is not for individuals looking for a prescribed diet plan or a quick-fix solution. It's for those who are ready to:

  • explore new ways of cooking, eating, and thinking about food and body for better health
  • embrace the concept of Integrative Nutrition to learn how all areas of their life impact their health
  • identify the barriers to becoming their most energized, vibrant self
  • address the root cause of those barriers (e.g. rigid diet mindset, restrictive or emotional eating, lack of body respect or boundaries, mindless eating, food sensitivities, cooking rut, etc.)
  • make gradual steps to nurture an intimate understanding of their preferences and needs and identify the habits and foods that fit their unique body and lifestyle

Clients seek Health Coaching because they:

  • struggle to maintain healthy habits
  • suffer from digestive issues
  • are unhappy with their body
  • have struggled with diets in the past
  • suffer from an eating disorder or emotional eating
  • want to stock a whole foods pantry, incorporate more plant-forward meals, and have a streamlined game plan in the kitchen
  • are ready to make peace with food and their body, once and for all

The One on One Coaching Process

Along the way you will: 

  • Establish your health vision and goals
  • Identify and prioritize action steps to reach your goals
  • Adopt a non-diet mindset and an intuitive, satisfying relationship to food and your body
  • Develop Intuitive Eating skills and body respect
  • Learn non-diet nutrition for energy, brain and gut health
  • Establish simple meal planning and meal prep strategies
  • Learn new recipe formulas for plant-forward cooking
  • Become comfortable setting boundaries and prioritizing time for yourself
  • Gain awareness of limiting beliefs
  • Appreciate the support and objective guidance of an independent professional
  • Establish healthy, sustainable habits