I came to Katie for help weaning off prescription medication for acid reflux. I was really nervous about trying to stop using it after having taken it for 6 years. Katie was easy to talk to, reassuring, knowledgeable, and realistic. She helped me get my gut healthy and form good nutritional habits, then coached me through the first few weeks after weaning off of the medication, always there via email to answer questions between sessions.

I am now no longer taking the medication and rarely feel acid reflux. On the occasion that I do, I have a host of options for how to quickly combat it. My digestion feels better, and I’m more aware of how my body feels before, during, and after meals.
— Kristina, Colorado, USA
I am so grateful for my private sessions with Katie! Since the program, I’ve come to enjoy cooking as a source of creativity and self-empowerment rather than a challenge and weakness in my life.

Katie is an intelligent, personable, professional individual. I love that she shares all the knowledge she can with you. She’s helped me learn what different food groups bring to my meal and how it reflects in my overall energy and vitality. Now I can verbalize why I choose my eating habits, and I have the confidence to continue nourishing myself thoughtfully.
— Sandra, Madrid, Spain
My goals for participating in Katie’s group cooking and nutrition program were to learn how to eat a well-balanced plant-based diet, eliminate sugar, and use new ingredients and recipes to make the shifts. Katie provided good discussions on healthy fat, good gut flora, weekly recipes, & how to stock my pantry differently. The biggest change I’ve noticed is that I’m very satisfied with the food I make and eat, and my cravings for salty snacks and chocolate have disappeared! I feel healthier and the results from a recent blood test have proven it!
— Gerry, Madrid, Spain
My love of food has returned! Since working with Katie, I’ve had a renewed lease of life in cooking and preparing food. Katie has been a constant source of inspiration. She’s shared her knowledge of nutrition, eating healthy, and what it means to lead a harmonious life that’s not only about nutrition but also balance and enjoyment.
— Kathryn, Madrid, Spain
Katie is competent, compassionate, insightful, a very good listener and intuitive. The support and guidance she provided in our sessions and through supplemental materials she sent following each session was very helpful to my learning about mindful eating and living techniques and in keeping focused and staying on track. Katie also introduced and explained the benefits of certain vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts and grains that were new to me and guided me in how to stock my pantry with the staples I would need for the recipes I would be cooking. As a result I have been able to establish mindful eating and living rituals that feel right for me and that I enjoy. Through working with Katie I’ve not only curbed my weight gain and slimmed down, but I’ve also become calmer with a greater sense of contentment. Completing Katie’s program is the best thing I’ve done for myself in recent years!
— Allison, St. Gallen, Switzerland
The most significant change I noticed from going through Katie’s program is that I’ve been able to let go of my all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to food. Letting go has allowed me to feel more relaxed and more happy about myself, my choices and even my relationship with others – food is no longer something I have to conquer, control or feel guilty about. I can appreciate a good dinner with friends for what it is, instead of feeling that I just lost a battle. In 6 months I was able to change thought patterns that I had been struggling with for 30 years. Working together for several months didn’t only generate results, it integrated them into my day and made them a part of my life. This separates Katie’s program from diets and quick-fixes, it is a long-term commitment to myself. I came to Katie to make better food choices and lose weight, but I am taking with me lessons for life.
— K.S., St. Gallen, Switzerland
I came to Katie to learn more about plant based eating and increase self-awareness and self-discipline. She provided a judgment-free ear to listen, asked thoughtful questions, and engaged in a dialogue with me, rather than speaking at me. Not a single session went by without us discovering something new, feeling good about what had been accomplished and outlining next goals to build upon what had been done in previous sessions. One of the best things about Katie is that she worked within my capabilities and within my world. There were no drastic changes that were too hard to keep. It’s adding things here and there to my “normal” routine that, I feel, made this program a success.
— Grace, California, USA
I began working with Katie going into my pregnancy, as I wanted to ensure proper nutrition for my baby. Katie helped me identify new foods, tangible ways to add them into my diet and suggested time-saving strategies so that healthy habits could naturally become more routine.
Katie could not have come to me at a better time. She is empathetic, even keel and completely client-focused, and I always felt better after my weekly time with her.
— Kendall, London, UK
The biggest change I noticed since working with Katie is my new mindset and approach to food. She helped me find the root cause behind my behaviors, and she gave valuable suggestions and action steps that helped break the cycle of turning to food (I did not need!) when I was tired, overwhelmed, or needed a distraction. Katie has a lot of knowledge about food and plant-based cooking and she was able to help me find fun, delicious, and healthy recipes to create a way of eating that made me feel like I was nourishing body, mind, and soul.
— Cecilia, Verbier, Switzerland