Meet Katie

 Photo Credit:  Anna Primavera

Photo Credit: Anna Primavera

Hello! Welcome to Whole Nourishment, a space where you’ll find inspiration to cook deliciously nourishing plant-forward, whole food meals and live well.

My name is Katie, and I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a wandering office. The wandering office part is because my husband and I are American expats. For the last four years we’ve lived in St. Gallen, a quaint Swiss city nestled into a foggy valley in the Alps. But we recently closed that chapter of our life and moved to our new home in Madrid, Spain.

Expat life is rewarding and exciting. It’s also stressful and pushes me beyond my comfort zone more days than not. My journey to Whole Nourishment started over a decade ago, but it continues to evolve. And living as an expat has forced me to dig deeper and establish small daily habits that provide a sense of calm, peace, and well-being, regardless of my surroundings.

I’m insatiably curious about how to make Whole Nourishment a natural part of daily routine. I strongly believe it’s possible for each of us. We just need the know-how, commitment, and a desire to make it happen.

My goal for Whole Nourishment is to share recipes, nutrition tips, and wellness articles that offer everyday solutions for creating a nourishing lifestyle. The content I share is for you (my blog readers!) and the amazing women I support in my coaching practice. I draw inspiration from the most practical source I know - my every day:

  • the current season and weather
  • local produce
  • observing local rhythms and rituals
  • books I read
  • people I meet
  • places I travel
  • “ah-ha” moments with clients
  • insights from practicing what I preach
  • and a strong, personal desire to be physically and mentally well



I hope you find something here to uplift and nourish you today. If you have questions, a request for a recipe or an article on a particular health topic, or just want to say hello, e-mail me at wholenourishment[at]gmail[dot]com. I love hearing from you!

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