Signature Private Cooking Program

This is a high-level partnership to help you develop lifelong skills for planning and cooking practical but nourishing plant-forward, whole food meals. I provide a series of six private cooking sessions personalized to you and your family’s lifestyle and meal needs. In the comfort of your own home, I show you how to:

  • Stock a nourishing, whole foods pantry
  • Equip yourself with the essential tools and appliances for efficient cooking
  • Effortlessly plan and prepare meals in advance
  • Confidently cook meals using flexible formulas rather than recipes
  • Cook + eat for better digestive health


  • We take a field trip together to navigate the aisles of a food store of your choice
  • You receive handouts with all the recipes and formulas we use in the sessions, along with essential nutrition and eating guidelines every mindful home cook should have in their back pocket.

If this is the support you’ve been searching for to get motivated to put all those bags of quinoa and kale to good use, then let’s talk! Schedule a free consultation with me, and we’ll discuss how I can tailor the program to fit your needs.