Private food + lifestyle coaching program


This program operates under the assumption you are a wise, intuitive woman who wants the best for your health and well-being. But if you’re like so many of us, overwhelmed by constant media chatter of the newest diets, fail-proof recipes, must-try techniques for calming the mind, and benefits of green juice and detoxes, you don’t know where to begin.

Sometimes we need a coach to show us what to prioritize first and equip us with practical, real-life knowledge and a ‘how-to’ toolkit. This is what I provide in my private Food + Lifestyle Coaching program!

I customize the program to your unique needs and health goals, and we walk through the Whole Nourishment process together to create lasting solutions for feeling good in your body and about your body.

You’ll experience the following benefits from my program:

  • Gain clarity about your health vision and goals
  • Learn to love nutrient-dense foods + how to incorporate them into your meals
  • Discover what + how to eat to support YOUR body
  • Incorporate time-saving meal prep strategies into your routine
  • Learn ‘formulas’ for cooking simple, nourishing last-minute meals
  • Rewire old ‘all-or-nothing’ thought patterns that lead to emotional eating
  • Adopt mindful eating + living rituals
  • Gain greater self-awareness + acceptance
  • Feel a sense of calm and contentment about yourself and your choices
  • Develop sustainable and flexible habits necessary to lead a Whole Nourishment lifestyle


  • Feel a fabulous ease in your physical body
    • Improved digestion (no more gas, bloating, or constipation)
    • Lose weight
    • Heightened energy, mental clarity, and mood

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Embracing Habits

Daily habits anchor our life, but the vision we have for our health and well-being is not always reflected in our daily choices. Whole Nourishment is living in a way that aligns everyday choices in how you cook, eat, and think about food and your body with the vision you have for your health.

In this program, you and I work together as a team to make this alignment happen!

Albert Einstein once said: “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” If we’re stuck in a food rut, want to lose weight, and are struggling with digestive issues, we must shift how we cook, eat, and think about food and our bodies to get unstuck.

My program goal is for you to have the knowledge, skills, energy, and confidence to become your own greatest advocate, make mindful, informed food and lifestyle choices, and expertly adapt the nourishing habits you develop as your needs change overtime.



If you’re ready to build better habits and feel great in and about your body, let’s chat! Contact me to schedule a free consultation so I can learn more about you and get you started on the path to Whole Nourishment.