Baby Shower

Hello Wednesday! It's hump-day, so I figured it's a good day to drop in and share some pictures with you from the baby shower a friend and I hosted on Sunday. The mom-to-be chose an afternoon tea-time party, so I made three sweat treats, and a guest brought a wonderful cake.

Starting from the bottom: my Fudgy Hazelnut Chocolate, Heidi's Almond Cake with Buttermilk Icing, and Jeanine's Raspberry Crumble Bars. I was extremely happy with how everything turned out - I knew Heidi and Jeanine would not let me down!

Baby showers are a decidedly American tradition. So this was a new experience for the Swedish mom-to-be and her guests. But I think it was well-received. We enjoyed each other's company, played a few games, and opened baby presents.  It was a relaxing and special way to spend a Sunday afternoon.